6 questions 4 MacIntels and Jobs's...bluff


some questons that need answering

1. When will they be coming out?
2. At what speeds?
3. Will they be able to run the "old" apps that are on today?
4. Will winxp work on them?
5. Will the new MacOSX work on PCs?
6. Will they be faster than todays G5?
7. Someone whispered to me that Jobs is letting Intel in the game cause he wants to pressure IBM -just like with Grafx cards (Ati & Nvidia)- so its better to have a competition, that way IBM could prolly achieve more, anyone agrees?


1. Late 2006
2. No one knows yet. Look at what Intel has coming out in 2006, then you'll get an idea.
3. Using Rosetta, they can run some PPC apps, but not Classic apps. This has been discussed numerous times before, search the forums.
4. Supposedly yes, WinXP will work. Apple says they won't go out of their way to prevent other OS's from running on them.
5. Mac OS X for the developer Intel boxes has already been hacked to work on many different kinds of PC's, so I'm saying yes, it will be hacked, but you won't be able to put the Mac OS 10.5 CD into your PC and install it. It won't work like that.
6. People are already saying that the developer version of 10.4 works very fast on the developer Macs, and it runs very fast on current PCs, and that's running as a hacked OS. So I'm saying either yes, or close to yes. Especially if they use dual cores. They will be pretty fast machines. But since no one in the world except Apple has seen these MacIntels, no one knows specifically.
7. After 2008, IBM will be out of the picture. But since OS X runs equally well on x86 and PPC processors, Apple can use pretty much whatever they want. And since they're pushing the Universal Binary format, they can use whatever they want for a long time down the road. If Intel poops out, they can switch to the latest Power processors from IBM. If IBM and Intel poop out, they can switch to Motorola :)eek:). Whatever they want. OS X is platform independent (at its source), so it's extremely flexible.

Also, wouldn't the iCEO's last name plural be Jobs'? :D


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Both " Jobs' " and " Jobs's " are correct. ;)

BTW, most of those questions were answered the best they can be answered in Jobs' keynote speech. If you haven't watched it from beginning to end, I highly suggest doing so -- it will clear up any confusion for those wondering about the specifics of the switch to Intel.



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It's not available for download from Apple... only streaming. Someone could perhaps make a screen movie capture of it, but it'll only be as good as their connection allows.


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I have the keynote as a MOV file at home, but its about 250mb, so you won't be downloading it over dialup. That said, if you set your QT7 settings for dialup and try and watch the keynote, you will actually get to see it OK. The audio will be a bit flat, and the image will be tiny and jumpy, but it does work. Just have a look for "wwdc 2005 keynote" in apple.com.