8-10 min Delay on blue login screen on OSX 10.6.8

Nilmadhab Ray

Hey Its neel from India n I'm a new Macbook user. I am using 13" Core 2 duo Macbook 4,1 With 4GB Ram. The installed os virsion is Mac OSX 10.6.8. Well the problem is that when I am starting my MacBook it giving a delay on the light blue screen for 8-10 mins but after startup its running well. I've done SMC n PRAM reset but It didn't worked and now I am preety much confused!!

Please help me out of this ASAP. :confused:
It could be that your system logs are full. Try using Macaroni to clear those old logs and see if that helps.
If you installed and ran "AppleJack" in single user mode (cmd+s) at startup, then all your logs and caches should be empty.
All you need to do is the five jobs listed at the top part of the window. Click on one to highlight it, then click on the Run Job Now button.

Here’s a page that explains each job - Macaroni Review
I've ran Macaroni it has increased my Mac's performance but the start up issue is same.
I was thinking to upgrade to MAC OSX 10.8. Is that gonna help?
It might, but then it might not.
Now we need a bit more information. Do you have your machine set so you must type in your password to continue the start up? If this is where you are getting the delay before you can start using the machine, then the delay in start up could be caused by what you have set to open at start up. Too many apps set to open can slow down the time to usability.
Check System Preferences>Users>your account and click on the Login Items. Keep on the list only the essential items like your virus detection app. Your word processor, internet browser, and mail can be started manually and quicker after your machine has started up.
Thanks for the reply Sheryl but I dont have any user lock n Log in item list is empty.
I am thinking to make a fresh installation of Mac OSX Mountain Lion v10.8.3 or 10.9 Maverick. Which one would be best for my MacBook?
heres a new issue now. I've formatted my system with my Bundled 10.5.2 installaion DVD and I have also downloaded Mac osx 10.7.2. When I am booting my Macook with Mac osx 10.7.2 dvd afeer taking files from dvd Spinning is going on n on on the apple logo sceen. :(
What should I do now? :(
Did you download 10.7 or do you have the DVD? You can’t install Lion with a combo update. You have to have the full install which may be labeled upgrade. If you have the purchased DVD, you need to start up the computer using the DVD by inserting the DVD, restart the computer, and holding down the C key until you see the computer starting up with a different screen than your normal one.
Just so there's no confusion here - you can't purchase Lion on a DVD.
It's either a download, or can be available on a flash drive.
(note - OP appears to have a 10.7.2 torrent, which, though not an acceptable acquisition here, would need the same process for installing.)
If you have a download, be sure to keep a copy for later use, as the standard installer app deletes itself at the end of the install.

So, you would need to run the installer app, which will copy the installer files to your hard drive, the installer app will then restart your Mac, and complete the install. The install will probably need an hour to complete.
If you DO have a USB flash drive, with the installer, or even a DVD with the install burned to the disk (possible, but not ideal as the DVD install for Lion is horribly slow), then you can insert the flash drive, or the burned DVD, and restart holding the Option key, then choose the bootable installer for booting. And - follow the choices to install OS X.
well I have downloaded 10.7.2 torent n burned it on DVD with a external DVD Writer using Disk Utility also I've made a bootable USB usinng Disk utility restore but the problem is when I'm tying to boot from bootable DVD or Pendrive both are stucking on the apple spinning screen. What should I do now?
I am planning to download 10.6 n make a fresh installation caz 10.5.2 is very much out of date. There are no FIREFOX,VLC like essential softwares for it. :(
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