9.2.1 is out

I've tried to download the update from both Apple's site (it's listed in the osx page!), but the link fails with a "resource not found". :(
Versiontracker got a bite of it but failed in 486 kb's.

Success, anyone?


Antti Koskinen
I have it installed now.. no big deal. The biggest change I've noticed is there's a Connect To iDisk item in Nav Services dialogs, which I don't remember seeing before.
I have it installed now.. no big deal. The biggest change I've noticed is there's a Connect To iDisk item in Nav Services dialogs, which I don't remember seeing before.

I've noticed huge savings in Classic app launch-times. I get Word's splash screen in a single bounce, for example (w/ 9.1, it took four or five bounces just to get the splash screen). It also seems as though application-switching from a non-Classic to a Classic app is smoother, though I'm not as sure about that.
Something's up with Apple's, Apple ID sign-in page, which you need to get to to download 9.2... This might be what is causing problems for people trying to get it... (Like me... :( )
9.2.1 doesn't seem any different to me from 9.1, but I haven't really had a chance to play around with it yet... haven't even tried Classic, either, since I usually boot back into 9 to use any Classic applications.

One strange thing: Ever since updating to 9.2.1, if I boot into 9, about every other boot gives me a bus error after loading the first extension. Strange. To update my copy of 9.1, I booted from the 9.1 CD then ran the 9.2.1 updater from a separate hard drive and updated my 9.1 drive. Smooth as could be, except for that damn bus error. Any ideas?
Wait a minute! Is the update really 82 mbs, or is OmniWeb decieving me???


It's times like these when I wish I had a DSL connection...:(
yea its pretty big. It took about 15 mins to download all 6 steps on my Cable modem. about 3 hours after it came out
if you have cable why are you downloading the pieces? that's fot phoneline people i got cable , just download the whole thing that's what it's there for! what do you think? peopel with t1-t3 connections are gonna drop by?
This update is in my expectation. I have said before that 9.2 is a lot of bugs.

I have update it to OS 9.2.1 and keep watching OS X.

The main bug fix is:
The system doesn't comsume a lot of memory now. It is limited to 42 MB, not up to 50MB. Before update it, my system comsumes upt to 89MB. I think Apple has act some memory protect tech in this update.

VPC 4.0 will auto expand its memory up to 100MB even you don't set it memory to 100MB, say only 32MB is set. Now VPC can't expand up to the memory we have set to. The computer is running very smooth.

But still, this very has a big bug, which I can't discribe.

( Use Speeddownload set up to 30 thread, it only takes not more than 10 min to download the 82.MB file. the speed can up to 500kb/s)
Well I got the update with a normal modem connection, and the download rate was 4,55 Kbyte/sec. 5 hours !! But the download got okay, and I installed it on both my classic partition and OS9 partition.

With 10.0.4, Classic makes few changes from 9.1. Perhaps a little bit snappier in some window's update, but no big changes. Classic starts up in about 50 seconds, quit the same as previous.

We'll wait for 10.1 to see if 9.2.1 really improves Classic's speed. For common people who don't want to download the software in 5 hours, I recommand to wait for the 10.1 update, which will probably include the update CD for 9.2.1.

In fact, if you didn't download the software updates released since january with the automatic software update, getting the 82 MB update should worth the cost.
i cant install it at work. i put a post under the 'Mac os 9' area if anyone could go read and give me some help.