A G4 and LinkSys Wireless Network


I just got a new G4 from a Neighbor at a Grage Sale. The computer is basically stock. It just had a new HD put on, and there is not sorta wireless card or anything with it. Now, I am still quite new to Macintosh and Apples, but I have a question that I need answered before I make a mistake buying anything. Right now I have an exsisting LinkSys Wireless Net Work running at my house. I want to know if there is any way that I can get my G4 running wirelessly off of it, and if so, how. I thought that I could buy one of those USB cards from LinkSys and everything would be good to go, but someone told be that that would not work. So, now I am stumpped. Someone Please Help Me.......Thanks So Much
Hi mc127 and welcome to the forum.
You should specify the G4 mac a bit more so we can think of wifi solutions fitting to that. However, dlinks wifi over usb works with macs. Also take a closer look at this list. Once you have the G4 wifi enabled it will work with any router. Good luck!
Okay. Just tell me what kind of specs you need and I will deliver. So I can by a D-Link USB Wireless card thing and that will work with my LinkSys router? Okay, thanks for the help, and as usual I would appreciate more help if possible.
I believe the Power Mac G4 systems have the option for Airport cards (maybe not the Extreme versions). This would probably be a better option since USB is slow as it is and will slow down your other USB devices as well. You could also add a PCI wifi card. Some of the D-Link cards are supported under OS X...check the D-Link site for details.

If this is a PowerBook G4, then you would still have the option of using an Airport card.

Personally, I would only use a USB solution as a last resort. An example would be the original iMacs that had no way of connecting wirelessly except through a USB wifi adapter. In this case, I would use it.