A time for understanding after the attack on America


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This attack is a dire situation and my and my families condolences go out to all affected and I believe that is all of America. I sincerely hope that we do not start looking at foriegners (SP?) as terrorist because that is worst than any terrorist attack when we start questioning our neighbors. People please think before you act we do not need more hatred in the world. Again I am sharing in all of Americas sadness and hope that we can come from this and be a stronger nation. Also I am an avid democrat but in the countries time of need I think president Bush needs all of our support so hopefully he can make a wise decision that does not accelerate tensions.
This time (like no other) embodies the statement "United we stand, divided we fall". My condolences to all those effected by our losses in New York and Washington.
This has made me appreciate my family so much more and I hope that everyone takes a moment to count how lucky we are in general
I'm so much in shock and i pray for all of NY and all of America. We are a GREAT nation and we will make it thru this. Now is the best time to show our RED WHITE and BLUE and tell the rest of the world that they may have hit us hard but we will not give in!

This was freaky, I thought It was a joke till I saw teh reports online at work since I did not have a TV at hand.... jeez!
From the sounds of all of the news reports from the past several hours, it seems that whoever is responsible will be receiving a serious (and well deserved) ass whoopin' . . . and I say go get 'em. It strikes me as very bizarre that a group trying to sell others on its views would do something that would so obviously disgust almost the entire world. Chalk one up for catching more flies with honey.
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whoever is responsible will be receiving a serious (and well deserved) ass whoopin' . . . and I say go get 'em.

If we go in and do some "Ass whoopin" what does that gain us, that makes us just like them, murders. We need to bring these people to justice and show how in a civilized and democrtic society deals with terrorist not by going in and killing people, but by bringing these people to justice, I have said it before and Ill say it again, State sanctioned murder is still murder
I think the only solution would be retaliation. Think about it - If somebody can organize the massacre of several thousand people, do you really think he'll care if someone drags him to court and says "now don't do that again?" He'll just reorganize troups, imprisoned or not, and do something else violent. At the very least the ringleader himself needs to be dealt with - we have to make an example of someone responsible, or nobody will be afraid to do something similar again. Our often nonsensical beaurocracy sure won't fill somebody with mortal fear - but nobody attacked the USA like this after the atomic bomb made a successful showing. I'm not saying we should use nukes again, but something effective should be done. State sanctioned murder may still be just that, but it's definitely a better solution than leaving the door open for further attacks on innocent victims.
NO in either situation we can not end terrorism but we can avoid becoming animals ourselves. I understand everyones anger, I feel it and fear myself, and deep down I say get revenge, but revenge does not solve the problem. We need to wake up and I hate to say it but increase our intelligence budget and if we even think of bringing Weapons of mass destruction ourselve (nukes) are we any better. These are my opinions and I understand your opinions and feel where they come from I just hope everyone can at least understand my thoughts.
But my convictions are solid, when my friend was murdered it did not change my resolve against the death penalty. Like I said in past posts I want to get revenge, but I must also think with my mind. My condolances go out to you and all who may have lost just as all of America has lost a piece of our innocence but my convictions must be strong or I am a false pacifist
OK I am a little outraged ! I have served in Iraq - Bonsnia and a few other places in the middle east while in the USMC --- I was in a Wpns Plt. So I was usually at the front and in the sh!t.. If it wasn't for the radiation of nukes I would say launch them all there ! I have seen there anger for americans and it is unfortunate. I went there with an open heart ... I left full of hatred. For what I believe, have seen, have been involved with ---- I would stand tall behind Mr. Bush if he presses a button and wipes a peticular country of the map --- period.

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If we go in and do some "Ass whoopin" what does that gain us, that makes us just like them, murders.

If you can find no distinction between murdering 10,000 Americans, and killing responsible parties, I pitty you.

We would not be 'just like them'. We would be simply speaking a language that they understand. Bottom line, the people who died yesterday (9/11, and I'm not including the terrorists here) died without even facing their attackers. They died innocent, and without cause.

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I never said that, I just said murder is murder. There is a drastic difference in the killing of innocents, and killing the militants, but as a pacifist I cannot waver from the fact that justice does not equal murder in my book, but in a situation like this I don't think anyone is wrong in what they think the punishment the animals should receive short of nuclear deployment, just in my opinion I don't think murder is ok.
I hate to say this, but no matter what we feel and even though we do live in a democratic society, we have no say over how our government chooses to respond, I think we should all cool off. Find out who did this, and then decide how we feel about it then. Sound good guys?
I agree that we need to wait for the official word regarding the responsible parties before we make any hasty judgements. Everyone seems to suspect Bin Laden the most, but who knows? It could even end up being American citizens like in Oklahoma (although it's not likely.) As soon as we find out for certain, then I think it's time for targeting the vengeful rage. I'm curious about what Bush has up his sleeve - he doesn't seem like the type you can piss off this badly and get away with it.