A time for understanding after the attack on America


I know you guys are going to find this comment offensive ...but as you say 'wake up, smell the coffee'.

First let me emphasise that THIS WAS A COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE ACT. It was barbaric, inhumane ...words fail to capture the essence of such evil ...

BUT ...

How is it that none of you are asking WHY it happened?

Could it be that certain countries/groups are just a little p-----d off with the US of A?

Could it be that your foreign policy isn't all about being the white knight, charging to the rescue?

Even if you think that the US never puts a foot wrong overseas, surely you have to accept that there are lots of people out there who believe that you do? And they're not all crazy terrorists.

Revenge will not solve this problem. If your revenge is as severe as some of you are proposing, you will certainly make the situation worse.

There is only one Bin Laden - but there are plenty of other fanatics out there ready to die for WHAT THEY SEE as injustice.

A war will quickly escalate into a conflict that could engulf the world, with untold consequences.

If you really think international terrorism is going to die out because you hit it hard, think again. Violence always begets violence.

Far better to address the causes not the symptoms.

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If the US lets terrorists define international policy, they have won. What makes people think that if we give in now, that they will not get mad over something else in the future, and commit more acts of violence?

Just because violence begets violence, doesn't mean that peace can't also beget violence. I know that you are only motovated by peace, but if terrorists had any idea of how valuable peace was, wouldn't they at least make an attempt to solve this diplomatically?


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Just remember, these are terrorists that *believe* that they will go to heaven if they kill an American. Anyone with that policy cannot understand peace.

Peace usually involvs a compromise. So what are we to do? Become less American?

It is becoming quite clear who did this, and it is follish to believe that they even seek peace.


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USA can't do anything right now. If they bomb/nuke/send land troops to Afganistan it will only make things worse, the whole situation will become a regular war, and if they don't, It will make things worse, the terrorists have won. How far will this go? The terrorists have proven that they can do just about anything, and are willing to do so. What if America decides to go to war against bin Laden. What will stop them from doing the same thing again, and again? What will stop them from using biological weapons? I'm terribly, terribly scared, and I don't even live in America.

Being european I guess I see this from a different perspective than the rest of you. Although I get CNN now. All of europe held three silent minutes in the memory of the victims. I think most of Europe feels as we are in this together with you. I certanly do. America has much to be proud of, and you've helped us time and time again. It's time for us to give something back. I really hope my goverment will offer you our help.

I don't know 'rharder' personaly, but I understand he works at the Pentagon. Does anyone know if he's ok?


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By definition, a terrorist is someone who will do anything within their power to scare others into listening to their demands. If bin Laden had a way of getting a nuke to NYC he would have done. The chance of something like this happening again for a while is low. These things take years to plan and carry out, that why this one surprised everyone.


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I think and hope that rharder is fine :)
I am sure that the pentagon staff has its hands tied at the moment with collection of strategic data, as well as recovery of data and classified material that might have seen the light of day with the crash.

Hope to see rharder soon :)



Good on you Soapvox! I am in favour of careful, planned, surgical retaliation but it is good to see people standing up with what they believe in. That is what democracy is all about. If we loose sight of this, what are we fighting for?

As an Australian know this: the response to this attack here is indescribable. My personal view is that we need some kind of show of force. Sanctions will not help this time. (did they ever?) We need to send a clear message that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated by the world. But we better make damn sure we get it right. Imagine the outrage if America and the Coalition attacked the wrong people! America would quickly loose world support if this happened.

If the perpetrators of this crime thought that this would somehow weaken America and its allies they are wrong! Their act has pointed 95% of the world's military assets against them. They have united the free world.



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My aunt works at the pentagon and she is alright, if anyone has heard from rharder please post in here to let us know, whoever rharder is I hope you are ok


I discovered today that someone who works yards from me in my office in a small Scottish town has an aunt who is 'missing' in the aftermath of this terrible crime.

So the tentacles spread far and wide ...

Kilowatt asks what should you do, 'become less American'?

Well, whilst there are some of these fanatics who hate you for your nationality, most of them hate you for what they think you have done to them.

So, no, don't become less American, just try to win a few hearts and minds.

Analyse the foreign policy pursued by your Government, especially in the Middle East and ask yourselves, what are we doing that these people are so angry about?

Remember it isn't just the terrorists who are angry. They are sustained - even glorified - by ordinary people in these countries.

That's for the long term. It will take time. Meanwhile pursue the perpetrators though the Courts and show dignity, restraint and humanity.

Don't fuel anti-US feeling - and above all don't give the terorists the chance to say 'they are no better than us'.