aaaaarghhhh someone please help!

Stuart Miles

I have some software that I would like to install on my Mac. It's a design program called planit ( kitchen design ) I paid around £4k for
it but have upto now used it on a pc with windows 98, this is on its last legs and I really need to install on my mac.

My Mac is dual booted with Parrallel Windows 7. This software is in 2 parts, a CD and a USB dongle, I think I got the software to install and now need to install the driver for the dongle. I can see the file and it opens and appears to complete only to fail at the end saying its been interupted. I presume this is due to it being Windows 7 compatibility, I have tried running as administrator but this didnt help.

It appears the company no longer exists so I am unable to locate updated drivers.

Any ideas please?