Accessing Cloned Hard Drive


I have a hard drive clone of my previous MacBook Pro. I need to gain access to items within the User > Library directory. However, this portion of the drive is locked, and every directory within it is also locked, meaning I don't have permission to any of the files I need within them.

How would I go about changing the permissions for these directories using Unix? At one time I was not a newbie to Unix, so most suggestions would not be over my head. Thanks for any assistance ...
What did you use to clone the old hard drive?

What method are you trying to use to access that clone now?

Is the clone on a directly connected hard drive, or is it a network share, or is it saved an optical disk (or something else)?

What version of OS X was the old MBPro using, and what version of OS X do you have now?
At one time, there was an option if you selected a hard disk, pressed command-I, and checked "ignore permissions on this volume".

I'm not sure if that is still there.

In terms of altering the permissions, there are many options. Perhaps the easiest is:

cd /Volumes/
chmod -R 777 clone_disk

(replace 'clone_disk' with whatever the volume is called, use the ls command to view it first)