Accounts not working on Mail

Bryce Hearne

I have a problem with the mail app which is extremely annoying.

My Gmail and Hotmail accounts constantly have a little circle with a triangle and a (!) inside next to the account names. While these are showing, I cannot send or load (receive) any new mail.

When I click the circle, a box appears and says:
"There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Verify the settings for account “Hotmail” or try again.
The server returned the error: The server “” cannot be contacted on port 995."

I click "Take All Accounts Online", the box disappears, but nothing happens. I cannot seem to fix the problem, no matter how much fiddling with the Connection Doctor I do.

I did remove the accounts and re-add them, which loaded all of my emails and worked for a short time, but then the same problem happened again and I cannot find a solution.

I read on another thread it may the the internet connection, but my internet connection is fast and reliable.

I have recently upgraded my OSX to Mountain Lion. This rarely happened before the update. I am using a Macbook Pro.

Please help!

Thanks in advance
Then try this: Decide to use either OpenDNS or Google DNS or many others and go into Your router's settings (get the default password and set the DNS I
P you want to use and put that into your routers setup and change the router's DNS section. There is an OpenDNS instruction for some well know routers if you never been in a router before.

IMHO using another DNS server then your ISP (IMHO ISPs don't know much about DNS) and using another DNS server fixes the email server disconnects.

See if doing this helps, Good Luck.