Activating multiple ipads nearly the same time blocked?



Does anyone know if apple blocks a site if you activate too many devices at once? I'm in a school district and its not uncommon for 20+ devices to try and activate at once as large numbers of ipads are getting in teachers hands.

We seem to run into a wall, they stop activating then if we wait a while we can start activating again.



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What does you Apple Rep say? I ask because i have no experience in distributing a large number of iPads in an organization , as well as other users that visit these forum.


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It can be your school district’s server that is holding up the process. Too many machines being activated at once can bog down the server. And Apple’s servers may not ‘like’ so many machines from one location being activated as well, placing an overload on their servers.

Your best option is to do only a handful at a time. They will go through the process quicker and you can then get the next set working.

You’re not being blocked when you can eventually get them activated. A block would not allow the machines to even access the servers.