Adding a static route for a VPN tunnel

Fuad Gasimzade

I have this strange problem, will try to describe

I have configured a VPN connection to my office. VPN is established, but whey I try to use different services, I get an error saying that the server have not been found (specifically, the server name can not be resolved). I have checked the "Tunnel all traffic through the VPN" option, but it did not help.

I think the reason is that my home network subnet is the same as my office, where the server is located ( I know it sometimes can be an issue with Windows OS. Unfortunatelly, I can not change my home subnet. I thought may be a static route to the server will do the trick, but I am not sure.

Will a static route to the server. for example point to VPN server will resolve my issue and what is really causing the problem, is it really my overlapping subnets?

Thank you!


In Geostationary Orbit
What you need to do is talk with the IT Administrator and find out the work's Public Address. Do your work include a firewall or/and a server? Does work allow VPN into their network?