adding an ethernet card


I have added an ethernet card to my G5. OX10.4.

I am trying to use the built in ethernet as my regular network and the card as a direct connection to a large format printer.

Once I added the card and software I can't find anything indicating I have done so. Does anyone have any ideas as to where the new card should show up?

Thanks for any help,

System Preferences > Network > Show: (pull down to "Network Port Configurations")

Your new ethernet adaptor should be available there -- make sure it's got a checkmark next to it.

If it doesn't show there, check the System Profiler and make sure it shows up under "PCI Cards".
Thanks, it wasn't there so I put it in a different slot and it works. Any idea of how to determine a port number?
Port number? What do you mean? Like the hardware address associated with that ethernet port? Or the IP address? I don't quite know what you mean by "port number."