Adding Programs to the Dock?


Ok, just to make sure I got the name right, I'm thinking of the bar on the bottom of the screen w/ all the programs. I was wondering, is it possible to add/remove program links from the Dock (essentially I want to see the programs I'm going to use frequently as opposed to the ones I use infrequently). Feedback's appreciated.
Drag the apps (or anything else) that you often use to the dock. An icon will be created there in the place that you like.
Click-hold and drag unneeded icons from the Dock. Release the icon off the dock, and it will 'poof' and be gone.
You can also click-hold and drag any Dock icon to move to a different position in the Dock.
Cool, thanks for the quick response. This is good news for me... another question, is it possible to assign Apps. keyboard shortcuts so I can press a few keys and open them?
Sure, check in your Keyboard & Mouse pref pane, and the Keyboard Shortcuts tab for some possiblities. Click on the help button when in that pane to get some more info about how to set up the shortcuts.
Also, there's a very good utility called LaunchBar, which will probably do all you want, and much more.