Adding Tiscali Broadband


A friend has recently upgraded to a mac from a pc on my recommendation. He is now going to use broadband and has chosen Tiscali. He has his Sagem 800 modem and has followed the instructions on how to install it. The process appears to complete but he cannot gain access via the new modem. He has an ibook OSX 10.3.9 platform and usually connects via an airport. The airport is already connected via a USB to a printer and the new modem offers a USB connection. I have therefore suggested he gets a 4 point usb hub (to increase his USB possibilities). Temporarily he has connected the modem directly to a USB on the ibook. The software indicates that if he has any problems he should go to the first aid software on the disc - 1st problem, it wasn't on the disc.
The software allows the user to simultaneously use the broadband and telephone. The instructions for loading can be found at
Unfortunately this is not allowing a connection to the internet. Do you know what step we would be missing? The link on the attached page in relation to an icon not appearing only seems to offer the answer if you are using windows!
I would highly recommend trying to get a modem that has an ethernet connection (rather than USB). USB modems under OS X are flaky at best.

If the current modem has an ethernet port, try using that instead of USB. Also, most broadband ISPs will provide a modem to you along with the service, and most let you specify whether you need USB or ethernet -- it may be worth looking into. If he purchased the modem himself, check and see if he can return it and exchange it for a modem with an ethernet port.

As far as I know, to use a modem over a USB port, you would need drivers for the modem -- does Tiscali provide Macintosh specific drivers?

You do know that the link you posted to the installation instructions are Windows-specific, right? It has no information about connecting the modem to a Macintosh computer, and I'm assuming that the installation CD is also Windows-specific, meaning it won't work on a Mac... you can't run the install program from the CD and the drivers are incompatible with a Macintosh (unless, as stated earlier, there are Macintosh-specific drivers on the CD).
Thanks for that.
Tiscali offerred the modem as a package applicable to Mac users. The only type of connection on the modem was phone input to USB. I will check to see if they supply ethernet.

If I'm in the wrong place I apologise, it's my first posting.