Address book: How do I delete LINKED IN contacts from my address book

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Okay...I'm trying to clean up my address book. I'm using an android phone but connect via the MAC and USB. I have syncs with Facebook and Google and Linked In.
Here's the deal. I'm finding people in my address book that I have no idea who they are. Okay, for whatever reason they are in there.
Maybe a sales call, or a friend of a friend or whatnot. But, here's the deal: I CAN'T DELETE THEM!

When I open these people that I have no idea who they are on the phone their contact info and I open it. I can write to them, call them, send them a message, I can send them as a contact, but I cannot delete them.
People I have added, there is a "DELETE" as well as "EDIT"

Scanning the address book they all have photos associated with their contact cards.
They are not as I can see linked to Facebook or Google. But, I have discovered that it appears the one thing in common is they are all LINKED IN contacts. So, how do I unlink the Linked in from my address book?

Any ideas
Hey, Thanks. Once I signed in, got to the account settings, and stumbled around awhile, I came across a setting that allowed me to "UNLINK" my connections. So I didn't delete any connections, just was able to unlink to the phone....and they all disappeared. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to get the contacts that are little roledex picture to match the contacts that are under "call." :) But that's an android problem not a Mac one. Thanks again!
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