Address Book Photos: Where is it and how do I change it?


What I thought would be simple apparently is quite (or nearly) impossible.
How do you change your own Address Book Photo? And where does it come from?
I found a thread in Google and went to user/home/library/app support/addressbook and I found "myphoto" but it's one that populates things like Google and Linked In etc, and it isn't the one on the address book. I thought maybe it had something to do with thephoto for signing in, so I change that profile pic, and rebooted. Nothing changed.

Can anyone tell me? I'd like to update the 4 year old picture. Thanks.

Bonus question: WHere do the photos that show up in the address book for other people come from?

PS Running 10.6.8


Change YOUR photo in the Address Book?
Open your Address Book - go to your card (easiest method is to go to the Card menu, and click Go To My Card)
In Lion, just double-click the picture on your card.
I also looked at Leopard. You first have to click the Edit button at the bottom edge of your card, then double-click your picture.
Change the picture to what you want. You can use a built-in camera, if your Mac has one, or browse to find a replacement picture.
Your change is not saved until you click the "Set" button.
I think your Snow Leopard Address Book is more like Leopard, than the one in Lion.

Maybe someone else will answer your question about photos for other people. Maybe those are provided iPhoto, or iChat/Messages.


I did the same thing twice, and realized I didn't "Save" when I made the change. What I did was connect the phone and dragged a photo into the "photos" then chose it. And it worked.

Have a new different more troublesome problem regarding the address book. Posting as a separate note.
Thanks for your help.