adobe audition


been editing my radio project for uni, its a wav file so cant play it on real player.. no idea how to convert it to mp3 so people can listen to help me with it before i hand it in?

hope you can help


I don't understand your question...
In your first post, you said that you want to convert the .wav file to an MP3

Audacity is free, open-source software - and is not an Adobe product.
Audacity is an example of an app that will do that conversion for you, and will do a good job..
All you need to do is open the .wav file in Audacity, then Export that file in the format that you need for that file.

And, RealPlayer doesn't support .wav files, and can't do the conversion for you, so you don't get any help with RealPlayer.

But ... you don't need other software for that audio file conversion!
You can do the same conversion in Adobe Audition... there's no reason for you to use other software, as Audition clearly can do the conversion.