ADSL modem/routers


What ADSLmodem/router can be the optimum selection i can make to purchase for a G5 computer + the fact that i want to connect to that ADSL line another 2 PCs. Use USB or Ethernet ports? The PCs are on the top floor of my flat so i will prolly need about 10meters of ethernet cable, i dont want to use wireless.
Any suggestions?

Are there any how to's on making sutch a network connection? Im a total noob on this matter.
Ethernet. Always ethernet for networking (unless you're going wireless, which you're not).

I use the D-Link DI-604, available for about $50, and it works fine with a G4 Macintosh, a G3-upgraded 7600 Macintosh, a Windows XP machine and an XBox all wired into it. Cheap, affordable and easy to set up.

We can walk you through the steps of setting it up -- basically, you connect an ethernet cable from the DSL modem to the WAN port on the router, then connect the computers to the LAN ports on the router. Hit up the router address with your web browser (usually or from one of the computers to and configure PPPoE for your DSL modem and set any options you'd like on the router.

Advanced features like a firewall, port forwarding and DMZ support is also included with the router.
in my case i need to connect it to 2 other pcs (a laptop and a desktop), but i heard that in some cases the pc in contradiction to the macintosh would suck up all the bandwidth when downloading! is that true? from what i recall it was the adsl modems fault cause it didnt support .... oh i cant rember "soping" or something like that, and the mac wouldnt connect with enough bandwidth...
what do u think? ElDiabloConCaca??
I have a Linksys router that has my G4, a desktop PC and a Wireless connecting IBM Thinkpad...its all working perfectly. I have had downloads going on both computers, Mac and PC, and have not noticed one computer taking over more bandwith than the other...although if my mac is the only comp downloading, it will get as much as 300k a second.
Have u tried downloading with max downloading speed from the pc?
What Linksys model is that u have?
No, unless the router is configured to provide more bandwidth to one device (which most "home" routers do not allow you to do) it would be impossible for one device to consume all the bandwidth and not let any other devices share the bandwidth.

I have many PCs, Macs and gaming systems hooked up to one router, and they all share bandwidth equally, even when one system is downloading at full speed. If another computer tries to download at the same time, the bandwidth is equally shared between the two.
Ok give me names for the best adsl modem/router (pstn), but plz tell me brands that you have tried yourselves and not ones that other people told you so!
I use a Netgear DG834G, which is a 4-port Ethernet + 802.11b/g Wireless ADSL modem and router.

I highly, highly recommend it.