After Harddrive Upgrade Permissions A Bit Off


Had to replace internal hard drive on iMac 2009. Used carbon copy cloner to transfer system partition and three other partitions from old (now external) drive to new internal drive. Not sure if this is relevant: After successful transfer I also upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite.

After all this I wasn't able to copy or delete any files on the new hard drive without being asked the security confirmation by the Finder. It was recommended I add my user name (or account) to the list of permitted users (in the file info dialog). That worked fine. But I just noticed that other than on my new system partition deleting a file now requires confirmation of this: "Are you sure... this file will be deleted immediately". So somehow my systems thinks this is a remote disk and doesn't bother to mark files as trash but deletes them right away.

I have five partitions total on this drive. System partition - works fine, three partitions that were copied from old hard drive using CC cloner - this is where the problem happens, and one new partition I added because I had extra room - here deleting also works normally.

Some sort of permissions issue? How can I fix it. A working trash is nice to have plus there might be all sorts of problems with applications I haven't checked yet (lots of audio/sampling data is stored on the affected partitions because there wasn't enough room on the previous system partition).

Any ideas?

I am starting to think OS X dosen't like more than the Boot Camp partition. I am not surprised that permission problems are happening.

Did you boot into the Recovery Mode and fix permissions from there?