After the 10-19-01 security update


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Hmmm... I just applied the security update available via the software update system preference panel, and all is well... one small oddity I noticed, though...

I'm using the "Graphite" color scheme in OS X -- I think it looks a lot more professional, plus I hate color. Only kidding -- I just think it looks more "polished" and "professional" and less "toy-like." At any rate, that's besides the point. I heard rumors that this security update also updates the build number of OS X, so I went to the Apple Menu, selected "About This Mac" and voila! Build is now 5L14. Cool. Badass. Nifty. WHOA! Wait?! My "close window" button is RED! WTF?! It WAS graphite like all the others... now it's RED!

Anyone else noticed this? It only appears in the "About This Mac" window. I can verify that before the update it was graphite -- I have another Mac sitting here next to me without the update, and sure 'nuff, it's graphite. Weird.
Just switched to graphite and the close button for all windows I see, including About this Mac, are graphite. Maybe that window was just really excited to be opened again...
That's not really a 'weird' OS X Version. ;)
Just click at the Versionstring in the About-Box an you'll get the Build. Another click reveals the Serialnumber of your Mac.
Originally posted by GadgetLover
You must have a weird version of OS X 10.1 because in my "About This Mac" window it just says "10.1" (no build number in official release). BUT, when I went to the Apple System Profiler it did confirm that yes, indeed, the build number DID change to the one you specified.

The build number is there, you just have to click on "10.1" and you'll see it, click once again and you'll get the serial number, whatever that is... Does anyone know?
Isn't it kind of obvious that the serial number in the About this Mac window (when you click twice on the '10.1') is the version number of your computer? :D I mean, that's the first thing that popped into my mind, and it was right. ;)

As for the other things, the build is now 5L14, and that one window widget in the About this Mac window is graphite when I apply the theme.

As for the timing of the update, I'd just like to say, "Go Apple!" I mean, we find this security "hole" that's not TOO bad, but Apple works furiously on it and releases a small update in a matter of DAYS. Oh, and they even get _MS_ to update their IE vulnerability! Wow, that's pretty good.

So like I said, Go Apple! :)
Ok, ok, it was just a fluke... after switching my theme to "Aqua" or whatever and then back to "Graphite," the close window button now appears as graphite again...

Hmm. Funny - all close buttons grey except for the one in "about this mac"

change colour scheme to aqua and back to grey, and then it is grey too. I'l have to see what happens on logging out & in again...
Originally posted by tazmandevil
does someone really know, what the "security-update" is making more secure and how? *wonder*.....

The basic deal is... that some apps you just needed to open and leave on top.... then anything that you open from the Apple menu recent items area while that app is up, would be owned by root. Maybe some of you guys had things in your trash that wouldn't delete??? Folders which you made which you couldn't open???

anyhow, the most dangerous thing is if someone were to just walk up to your machine... do the thing, which takes less than30 seconds, and types a fw commands into your terminal as root

how about

cd /
rm -rf *

that might be fun

At home, not so risky...some one has to break in

if some of you live in a dorm....

more risky

if you are in a corporate office

someone might be able to activate or configure something to be insecure and then go back to another area and get in to do whatever.

copy your ideas, your e-mail ...blackmail you with that secret cache of porn... what ever.
give you a secret cache of porn and then report you???

very risky.

even still, it had to be local for the moment....

Anyway the threat is gone...on to new worries.
I installed both of these mysterious new "Security Updates" today and now, for some reason, Classic is bombing.

It happens just after loading all the extensions. It happens using any combination of extensions in the Classic environment (including 'Extensions off'),

I've not changed anything else on my system that would be causing this problem.

Is anyone else seeing this?
I forgot to add these error messages that are coming up (on the Console log) when Classic hangs:

Oct 21 21:28:42 localhost WindowServer[69]: CGXGetDisplayTransferByTable

Oct 21 21:28:42 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic kCGErrorCannotComplete : doGetDisplayTransferByTable
In 10.1 Telnet login where enabled. It used to be enabled i Public Beta (don't remember how it was 10.0), but in later builds it was removed for security reasons So it was probably a mistake by Apple to enable it again in 10.1.

After the SecurityUpdate Telnet login is again removed.
If you did a Apple-alt-esc force quit that window had the Aquaified buttons instead of graphite as well as the About this Mac window. Switching to Aqua and back fixed them too. Such useful bugs we find!