Airport Extreme Connecting in G vs. N


I'm trying to figure out why my Airport Extreme often allows my MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to only connect in G mode. The download speed goes from about 20Mbps to 8 Mbps when that happens. I will turn wifi off/on, it will sometimes connect in N and then switch later to G.

Is there a way to configure so that it only connects in N PHY Mode?

Thank you.


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What you need to do is reconfigure the Airport Extreme's N frequency to the higher Channels in the 100's range. This will be clear channel for N and all other g wireless signals around won't affect the signal. This should help.


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A cool free wireless scanner can show you or at iStumbler (I link to the iStumbler betas because we are so close to a 10.8 release). It will show you every wireless signal your Mac can see. This why you quickly can see what channels frequencies those wireless routes are broadcasting.

Lastly on a Mac don't be afraid to open System Preferences->Network. In that pane, at the top of the pane, is the 'Location' drop-down. There you can Make 'Edit' that location and make a new Custom made Location name. This will act the same as the Automatic Location but with a new custom name. IMHO this procedure tends to cause you wireless network stack to 'reset' and cures a lot of wireless "trouble' in OS X.
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