Airport Extreme | Iphone home network connectivity


Good morning all - I have had a few posts here over the past few days - this one is related but a separate topic hence the new post.

I've just purchased an Airport Extreme Router - and attached an external hard drive to it (G-Drive 1TB at the moment) and all is (or was working fine)
I also have an Ipad, Iphone and Macbook Pro as part of my mac network - all with Airport utility on them.
This morning I was trying to set it up so that I could get an external access to the connected drive - it may or may not be related to this but the network started getting really spotty. My iphone could not connect - it would have 5 bars and tell me it was but the server would keep timing out; I restarted the base station and all devices.
Also - the drive - I could see the network share but when I clicked on it the drive was not there. After some restarts and fiddling with settings I got the drive to appear again but still connectivity issues with the iphone.
I pulled the drive off the extreme and now everything seems to be working - but the drive is no longer connected. I'll be playing with this a bit more later today - but does anybody know why this might be happening?

- Will the drive attached to the Extreme cause connectivity issues?
- Setting up to gain remote access to the airdrive; could this cause an issue?

At this point Im trying to isolate the problem so I can correct it; as I changed some settings this morning for the remote access that is where I am starting.

Thanks for any insight or help.


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You are opening a whole bunch of hurt right now and opening you network. Unless you use something like Slink or ShareTool.

However if you want to be a code monkey you will know about ssh, DNS pointers, opening ports on your router, etc. :rolleyes: