Airprint from iPad to printer connected to Mac

John Varela

I want to print from my iPad to a printer connected to the Mac by USB. When I attempt it, the iPad opens a "Print Options" page that says "No Printer Selected". Touch that and the iPad searches and declares "No Airprint Printers Found".

From a MacBook I can print to the Mac-connected printer over the same LAN. The iNet network scanner on the Mac finds everything on the network (even the TV and the Ethernet connected set-top boxes) EXCEPT the iPad. A similar iNet scan from the iPad DOES show the Mac. The Mac and iPad can connect via Bluetooth.

Any suggestions short of buying a new printer? Mac is running MacOS 11.6, the iPad runs iOS 15.1, both of them of course the latest.
You would need a printer that is Mac that has air printer or a networked printer that get an IP however you still need a driver for the network printer!
So you be best is get a printer that can AirPrint too from IOS device!
You are correct that my old Canon printer does not support AirPrint. I downloaded the free trial of Printopia and it worked right out of the box. Thank you.