Airprt Exp logs off this iMac constantly


Airport Express logs off this G5 iMac using Leopard after a ten minutes or so of inactivity. The router is located on the floor under the computer. Thus web browsing has to be restarted, e-mail is halted. There have been two, two-day runs where, astonishingly, we were NOT logged off that whole time! This strangeness has been going on for the two months since we acquired the Airport Express router.

At the same time, a Dell laptop running Vista at the back of the house, is NEVER logged off using the same Airport Express router!

What gives?

Note: Tiger was upgraded to Leopard, if that matters.

Well try to go to (in your Mac) System Preferences->Network and use the Location to make a new location (call it whatever you want) and then get an IP for the new location. I seem to think there is something wrong with the "Automatic" location function in 10.5.5.

If the new location doesn't help we may need to go geek on trying to fix this. Plus let us know what frequency )b, g or n) and security (WEP/WPA) if any you are running.