All my Macs connect at 28800bps


I am having an issue at a remote location where I have two Macs. Ones a iMac and the other is an iBook and both have 56k modems. I am trying to dial into a 56k dialup internet line and the fastest speed I can get is 28800. There are no line quality issues, I had a tech check it out. Anyone have any guesses as why it would connect specifically at 28000 and not another speed?



You are probably too far away from the CO. I am also, my line quality is very good to talk on but I can only connect at best 26.4 kbps


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I've had several computers located at the same location, and it seems that many of the PCs can connect at 44000 or higher, while the Macs fall back to 28800 or 26400 constantly.

I did manage to get a 33600 connection by changing the modem script from "Apple Internal 56k (v.90)" to "Apple Internal 56k (v.32)."