Alternative Solution To The Apple Led Cinema Display 27"


Hi all.... I recently started having intermittent problems with my Apple LED Cinema Display 27" (NOT THUNDERBOLD VERSION). It keeps going off on me... just black and blank, sometimes it comes back on within a few seconds, other times it takes longer or not at all and I need to unplug from the mini DV input and plugin to the other... and then it would come back on, but all my windows would be moved as resolution would need to change... just very annoying behaviour.

I purchased it from brand new, only about 3-4 years ago from an Authorised Apple Store, but not that it's out of warranty and Apple no longer make standalone monitors (due to return to this business for the MacPro refresh in 2019) I'm left with a real struggle trying to find a replacement monitor that delivers a similar resolution and is 100% compatible with my video card (ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB).

Has anyone ever bought a new, replacement monitor that just plugs and plays without issue. I spoke with DELL but they say talk to APPLE, I talk to APPLE and they cannot recommend an alternative compatible monitor even though I have been a loyal customer of theirs now for 30 years.

I'm holding off for the new MacPro before I decide what new system to purchase, so I don't want to be pushed into buying a new iMac Pro all for the sake of having a reliable screen... but if my screen fails I need to get a replacement quickly that I know from other Apple users will work without issue.

Any help or advice would be very welcome indeed on this issue.

Do you want to continue with the (sorta small:cool: ) 27-inch, or would you consider a larger screen?

The 16:10 is harder to find. If you would be OK with the slightly shorter 16:9 displays, those are much more common.
Here's a Dell 30-inch that would have the same 16:10 aspect ratio, and the 2560x1600 res that you like, and has a DisplayPort connection. You would need a different cable. A mini DisplayPort (for your vid card) to DisplayPort cable is fairly easy to find.
That is so helpful. Thank you so much. But wondering if there would a less expensive option as the new expensive monitor I easna buy will be the 5K version that will mostly partner the new MacPro when it debuts in 2018 ?

27 inch will be fine as a stop gap :)
Sorry... meant to say DeltaMac.... greetings from Ireland... :)

Thank you so much for the really helpful info. Mac is the best computer community in the world!!
Hey.... just saw that above.... it's not the size that matters.... but the quality.... :) Cheeky!! lol
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Amazon has a wide (w-i-d-e) selection of computer monitors
I use a smaller Dell on my Mac mini, but Dell also has a variety of monitors to choose from, in several different price ranges.
You would be looking through the display specs for several different criteria:
Size, 27-inch
Aspect ratio - if you like the slightly taller screen with 16:10, then search for that. 16:9 is easier to find, but slightly less height on screen.
then, resolution. Your graphics card is limited to the 2560x1600, but would nicely drive the full-HD of 1080x1200 (a REALLY common res. but gets "blocky very quickly at larger screen sizes. You can find those full-HD screens for very low prices.
Finally, you need to get the interface connector that you can use between your graphics card, and the monitor.

You have one dual-link DVI on your graphics card - but that is limited to the 2560x1600 res. That's OK for what you have now, but you will have a wider choice if you look for monitors with the OTHER connecter, mini DisplayPort/DisplayPort
A simple Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable will "link up" to some very nice monitors, and I would look for a monitor that has that DisplayPort built-in. Some displays also have mini DisplayPort connectors, but the full size DisplayPort is probably more common. I would suggest that you ignore the HDMI option. Good to have, but can sometimes be challenging to find the right HDMI cable that actually gives you the resolution that you want - particularly if you are planning on getting a 4K, or other current tech. The mini DisplayPort on your MacPro will still be limited to only the 2560x1600, but a monitor with more modern tech will display THAT fine - and you will still have a nice head start if and when you upgrade to a newer Mac Pro superduperX, etc. (whenever THAT is released - good luck on that!)

( 8K TVs are starting to sell now, and I would expect that computer displays will move to that level at some point... maybe Apple will surprise with new tech that supports REALLY high res, too. Just something to think about... )
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Amazing information DeltaMac.... you sure know your stuff. Great to meet someone so informed about these matters.

I'm looking now on the DELL website.... here are two I have shortlisted:

For me the 27" (which I'm used to is by far the better value as a stop gap solution until the new Apple 8K Monitor arrives) :)

What you think...? I wanna avoid adaptors for sure... plus and play and off I go.... do these have the ports I need to just plug and play..?
Here's my 2p -
Both have mini DisplayPort, AND DisplayPort.
BOTH come with the cable you need: mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort.
So, nothing else you would need to purchase.
As I appreciate Dell displays (I have had 3 or 4 over the years) and have had good luck with Dells, then the choice would be bigger display (with larger edge bezels, and higher cost),
or close to the same screen size that you are used to, and a design that I personally like better (and significantly less cost, where you may be using for less than a year or two - if you replace with a new purchase next year.)
You can see what I am thinking. One thing that might change that, is the 27-inch is a 16:9 screen, so slightly shorter. That may or may not affect you in any significant way.
The 30-inch screen (16:10) would maintain the same screen space that you have been using, just on a larger physical screen.
(I like the smaller one... but it's your choice, eh?)
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