Am I crazy? Does anyone else see this Apple logo?


Colonel Panic
Go here:

Scroll to about the middle (not the bottom as I thought at first) & watch the multimedia feature about anthrax (I confess, I first saw it with my Wintel work PC)

At one point there's a graphic of an envelope with a "suspicious dark stain". To me, it resembles the Apple logo.

But then I have a vivid imagination....
A very vivid imagination. I paused the intro (was that the part you were talking about) around the envelope, and saw nothing. You could always pause it and take a snapshot of it, if you so chose.
A little further along in the presentation there is a longer shot of the stained envelope.

But granted, when you study it directly it's clearly not the apple logo. However when I first saw it out of the corner of my eye, I thought that's what it was.

(Hey is this any worse than seeing an image of the Virgin Mary on a slice of toast?)
No, it wasn't during the intro; it was in the "Checking your mail" bit. I think there's a vauge resemblance, but... well, at least it wasn't a piece of toast... :)

I've attached a screenshot of the envelope in question...


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Ah, now I see it. It doesn't look like Apple's logo per se. However, it does kind of look like a red delicious apple with a thermometer stuck in it. I wonder what that says about me?