another windows-tiger sharing problem


At my work we have a win 2003 server with different XP machines.
When i try to connect to the network different problems arise:

I can see the server and all the shares, when I login to the server, I can select the share I want and then I get the authentification menu where I give my password and username [which I know are 100% correct] and then I get an error which says that password or username are not correct.
When I try to login to one of the XP machines it goes without problem, but then I have no rights to add or copy anything from the mounted shares.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I'm getting a little bit frustrated.
Try using the username:


It would be something like "" or "jroberts@someothercompany.local" depending on your setup.
You need to allow non-enrypted logons on your 2003 server. Samba on Mac OSX does not support this encryption (yet)