Any luck with Quicken 2001?

David R

Quicken 2001 is carbonized, and it works fine... until I open the account register to enter checks and other transactions. Then it crashes.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or has had success with it?
I had the same problem with quicken, but I found that when I changed the permisions on Quicken 2001 to give everyone full access, I was at least able to edit the registers that were already open in my data file. It still won't allow me to open my other registers, but at least I can open the data file and edit my main register without it crashing. Before I changed the permissions, it would always crash when I tried to do anything with the registers, even if I made a new file. And my main data file, which was saved with an open register, would crash Quicken when I trid to open it. Changing the permissions fixed that at least. Good luck!