Any Protocol Examples out there?


cocoa love
Hi there i was wondering if there is any examples which use extensive or sample protocols. Specifically under the Drap and Drop Protocols would be very helpful. I found some examples from Apple but they are too complicated and do alot more stuff than I want my app to do. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

The only protocols I'm looking for right now is Drag and Drop. There's alot of things involved in this that are pretty complicated for the intermediate (me):cool:.

I want my App to recieve data from images in order for it to function properly. I know i havn't clearly defined what I mean but i want to keep it secret til it comes out;)

I only know one protocol that i can think of right now, and thats NSWindowScripting. It's really easy to use, but the NSDragDestination, NSDraggingInfo, NSDraggingSource Protocols require alot more knowledge about protocols then just NSWindowScripting.

NSWindow Scripting i may only use 2 or 3 protocols, but in Drag and Drop there are like 10 that are required and must be in the project in the proper way.