Any reason I can't use a dual 1.0Ghz processor in my MDD 2003


Any reason I can't use a dual 1.0Ghz processor in my MDD 2003 G4 (M9145). It cam with a 1.25 single but I want to test a dual 867 and a dual 1.0 to see if they are working. I started the Mac with the Dual 867 installed but didn't install the heat sink as I just wanted to see it boot. The processor started to smoke. I could see on of the processors burning. I pulled the plug. Anyway the processor didn't chime.

My mac techician told me that the Dual 867 (in my mom's MDD 2002 - M8570) was bad so we upgraded to a dual 1.0. Only problem is that mac still has problems (starts with a white screen and thats it). I thought maybe the dual 867 wasn't bad afterall and that the problem was something else. I decided to test the old dual 867 in my MDD 2003 (M9145). It didn't come with a dual processor.

My question is... Is there any reason that the dual 867 or the dual 1.0 processors will not work in my M9145 MDD 2003?

Hope someone answers soon as I will probably test it anyway this evening.

Thanks for the help!
Running a processor (ANY processor) without some sort of heat sink is a sure-fire way to ruin the processor. Never, ever, ever supply power to a processor that doesn't have the required heat dissipation unit, either by heatsink or heatsink/fan -- even if you just want to "test" it and see if it works. Heatsink. Always. Always heatsink.

The dual 1.0GHz processor should work in your machine, but as always, you're doing the upgrade at your own risk. As long as you remember to use a proper heatsink this time, no harm should be done to your system simply by trying the processor in there.

Did the technician tell you before or after your heatsink incident that the processor was bad?