Any Workaround Solution For Excruciating Slow Itunes Version


Hi all.....

Anybody having the same issues with iTunes.... it's unusable at present.... just spinning ball and unresponsive.

I have a 1.8TB music library... with over 10 years of custom made, OCD created playlists... I don't wanna take any chances :)

I'm running 10.11.1 on a MacPro 12 Core with 64GB RAM and a 512SSD drive.

My current, non-responsive version of iTunes is

People on official Apple iTunes for Mac forums suggesting downgrading to a previous version.... but I'm worried it could all go t*ts up!! :)

1) Open Terminal and type sudo rm -r /Applications/
2) Download & instal iTunes 12.3
3) Enjoy (and wait for a proper iTunes update)

I have daily TimeMachine backups using my DroboS... but again... so worried trying to fix the issue could cause more issue. I'm on Spotify now 24/7 and all working great, so it's not an urgent issue.

Any advice most welcome.

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I found when moving the iTunes Library the older way to let iTunes move it doesn't really work well today! All you need a modern (10,10 or better) version for this to work.

Instead just copy whole iTunes Library to the external. Then just hold down the 'option' key and "Chose Library" and point it to the .itl file because this is the descriptor for iTunes for all those stars and albums art. That file is now so hardy it is a catch all for the whole Library and all its littl things.

You can watch this video to see how it is done. Yea I know he is moving to a NAS but it could be any NAS or DAS !

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