anything like k3b (dvd burning software)?


hi all

at the moment, i'm just using burn/finder to burn data to dvd's
but i find it quite limiting when i only have say 2gb of data to burn and i can't continue the session later

is there anything remotely like k3b (on linux) or even cdburnerxp (on windows) for the mac (leopard)?
by that, i mean free functional dvd burning software

otherwise, is there something cheap ($20 or so) that is similar?

i've looked on google etc, and nothing really pops up, i've read about toast, but that seems very expensive when i just want to make multi-session data dvd's



Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Disk Utility has always worked fine for me when I need to burn discs, be they DVD or CD. Have you tried using that in Leopard?

There's also another application I use called Burn.


thanks guys
i can't say that i have tried disk utility yet

might give burnagain a look if disk utility isn't enough