Anyway to swap mouse buttons for lefty's??


I'm using my Intellimouse in OS X and the scroll, left and right buttons work properly, but I'd like to swap the button assignments. I'm a die-hard lefty, so a standard click is a control click...DOH!


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I had the same problem, and unfortunately the only solution I had was to break down and buy a Kensington. They've actually ported their drivers to OS X. That wasn't exactly the most elegant fix, though. If you're handy with a soldering iron and laugh in the face of manufacturer's warranties, just rewire the buttons so that left is right and vice-versa.


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You can do it by recompiling the mouse driver. Download the source to the KEXT from the Darwin CVS and flip the values in the source, then compile and install.


I'm a totally rookie when it comes to UNIX. Trying to it possible to get detailed directions?

I sent a flaming mail to Apple about this - ridiculous that the Apple driver doesn't have support for two-buttons. It will be interesting to see their reply.