Apple 17" Display Blacks Out


After installing Tiger last week, as I am working the screen will turn black for a second, then come back, then turn black then comes back and then turns black for good, and the power light on the display flickers rapidly.

Moving the mouse does not do anything, and the computer still seems to be on. The only solution to to force a shutdown by holding down the power button on the CPU.

I've never had problems with the display before, only after I've installed Tiger.

Please help!!!! :(

Please elaborate so we can help you. "My monitor turns black" is extremely vague and doesn't provide us with enough information to even begin to troubleshoot the problem.

What exact model of Macintosh do you have? What version of OS X are you using? What exact model of Apple display do you have (sub-15 connector, ADC connector, LCD, CRT, etc.)?

If you happen to have this model of monitor and the symptoms seem the same, you can probably get Apple to replace/fix the monitor, even though it's out of warranty:
Sorry, in my panic, I didn't post all my stats. In fact, as I write this, my monitor is starting to wig out!

I have a dual 867 processor Power G4. Added 1 GB RAM a couple of years ago. Running Tiger 10.4.2 (just installed it last week). I have a 17" LCD Apple Display.

So I checked my plugs, everything seems to be plugged in correctly, straight pins, dusted off.

All day my monitor was ok. Until this evening when all of a sudden the screen turns black and comes back, and then black again with no pattern for a few seconds, then turns black altogether and the power light on the monitor flashes quickly. It doesn't seem to happen with any particular program, or with any specific action done by me, so I can't seem to pinpoint what makes the monitor go crazy all of a sudden.

Is this enough info to get some suggestions?

Do you have the monitor power cord plugged into the G4 or a direct power source?

It's plugged directly into the G4. Last night, I was running iTunes as one of my apps when the screen bugged out. And the songs kept on playing and even inbetween black outs as I was trying to compose e-mails the computer itself seemed to be operating.
Try plugging the power cord to a direct power source rather than the tower.