Apple Care for MacBook Pro... yes or no?


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$399.00 CAN for the 3 year Apple care protection plan? Isn't that a bit steep? What do you guys think, is it worth it? Have you purchased the plan and why?
What could possibly go wrong or come up as an issue over the first three years of my MacBooks' life cycle. How likely is it to get problems with the display... it's my understanding that could be quite costly?

Given my recent battery problems (random shut-down and battery expanding) with the MacBook Pro, I'm considering it, but I do think the price is rather high compared to the purchase price (more than 10%). Any thought/input is highly appreciated.


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IMHO AppleCare is worth it, especially on portables! With your recent battery problem, this should be clear. You have to think what if the screen backlight goes 2 years from now. Fixing a laptop is no easy task and is expensive.


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Thanks Satcomer! I guess I just want some reassurance...


I'd go for it, we didn't get one for my fiance's iBook and it's had a couple of things that I would have rather had AppleCare (replacing the HD for instance, I managed it but it's the type of thing I'd rather someone else did).


With MacBook Pros' tendency to run hot(heat is an enemy of electronics) and the general falloff in quality control over the past couple of years, going without AppleCare's extra two years of coverage is rather risky, IMHO.
If you search the internet, you can find AppleCare selling for a lot less the $399Can. I purchased AppleCare for my Powerbook a couple of years ago from a seller on Ebay for $225 US instead of from Apple at $349 US. Had no problems with the seller.
The extra peace of mind is worth having, and the extra 2 years of phone support is quite nice.
I really feel that getting AppleCare is money well spent.
Once again, you can find AppleCare selling for a lot less than Apple's selling price.


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Especially with a laptop, you're bound to run into problems. Lots of electronics in such a little space, things burn up, come loose, etc. After one or two repairs, AppleCare will easily pay for itself ($1000 logic board replaced free on an iMac I used to use, definitely worth it there..).