Apple Certified Technician


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I was wondering if anyone could give me any good information on becoming an Apple Certified Technician.

I've had a vague look around the Internet and can't come up with any decent information. I would like to know what I need to do to become one, how long it roughly takes to train, as well as how hard it is to do the exams plus perform your actual duties on the job.

I would love to hear from some technicians on this website too if possible, their experiences, problems, etc.
I found this on Apple in less then 20 seconds. Just go to Google and type Apple Certified. You will get a lot of hits. Also a great source of Apple technical books (also any other Unix book) is O'Reilly books. That is a good place to get advance book to study up on.
Its worthless to get certified since this will last only one year. Then You have to pay annual fee to get renew certified unless company paying for you. Then perfect.