Apple Forum login problem


When I want to login to the Apple Forum it asks for my name and password twice. Then the attached dialog box comes up asking for a new user name. If I put in my registered user name it says it is already taken. So I no longer can log in. Any suggestions?


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Are you already registered (and already have a registered user name?)
From what you wrote, it sounds like you are already registered.
So, you can't register AGAIN with that same user name - because "it's already taken" (probably by you!)
Therefore - you need the correct password.
I think you are required to reset (change) your password after 3 failed login attempts, or your current password may have expired. The response screen will tell you if that's the case. My own password expires every 90 days.

Go back to the Apple Communities/Sign in window (the first one),
then click the link for "Forgot your password?"
The site will then take you through the verification steps to reset/change your Apple ID account password.

Bottom line - don't get bogged down by making a NEW account user name, when all you need is a new password.