Apple & Jaquar can go to @!&%


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OK OK I downgraded the memory and got to install. I snapped a key off the keyboard in the process but I found a keyboard on ebay for $10.

I still say Apple should have found the installer probem when they tested on the Wallstreet and fixed it. The fact that when I called they just used the catch all phrase " 3rd party componets" is what pissed me off.

Unfortunately that's Apple's biggest fault, their support. I had a similiar problem with my PB's daughter card. OS9 was great, but OSX crashed constantly. I explained to their support how I returned my PB to orinigal parts (8G Apple HD and 64M RAM) and the problem was still there, but with a daughter card from another PB of the same model and the problem was gone. Each time they took my PB in for repair I got it back with the same letter, that I had upgraded RAM and HD and that was the problem. I finally just seriptitiously swapped daughter cards one day after having played the mailing game with Apple half a dozen times in two months.

They refused to look at the problem once I mentioned that there was an upgrade, even though I happily sent the PB to them with the original parts.