Apple "Mini" stores


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I saw an article on Apple's website (MINI ARTICLE) I hope they put one in my area. They already have an Apple store about 20 minutes away, but there are so many schools out this way and an awesome mall they could put it in. Anybody gonna be at the openings? If so, lets see some pics!!!


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I so am going to go to the Santa Rosa store as well as apply for a job there (OMG that would be awesome)


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Zammy-Sam said:
is it portable enough to get to us poor europeans as well?
i mentioned the exact same thing in another forum !!!

here in sweden we have similar stores, but first, theyre not half as nice as these.... second they dont offer all the products i need....
third.. many of the sell pc stuff also... i dont care bout that.
i only want Apple products and third party products for macs :)
these, AppleMini stores are the solution....