Apple posts fantastic quarterly results

NASDAQ agrees with you !


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616% increase in iPod sales. I'd like to see any other company post a 616% increase in anything, much less sales of a product!

6 million iPods sold -- pretty soon we'll see dogs and birds using iPods. That's simply insane.
Well, I don't know. People weren't exactly expecting _last_ quarter to s*ck. It really is the current and next quarter that's going to show what effect the intel announcement had.
The iPod numbers sure show the iPod shuffle sales. Either way: Of course I'm glad, too, they did good...
It seems the international market for iPods is for taking off. In Egypt they begin to be everywhere, on the shelves and in people's pockets. Mr Apple here is so happy. ;) After years of surviving by servicing the AUC and the CAC (american university and dod school) they are now really hopping. And even in this quarter they are moving good numbers of mac minis and g5 imacs. They sell about one to every two customers who buy an iPod at their office (but the iPods are available in computer stores, electronic specialty shops and malls throughout Cairo).

Mabrook Apple!