Apple remote (IR) and iTunes



I have an Apple remote (infrared) to control my computer. It is possible to pair or disable the remote (pairing won't work for some reason), but the remote works.
When I am watching a movie with for instance VLC Player and I want to use the remote to pause the movie, iTunes automatically starts playing (because I use the play/pause button on the remote). Is it possible to disable iTunes when I am using VLC Player, or just disable remote for iTunes at all (I can use the remote app on my iPhone for that).

no i don't have that program installed.....
and the remote is working fine for both iTunes and VLC player, but the work at the same time. So when I pause a movie playing in VLC, iTunes is starting up. When I resume the movie in VLC, both VLC and iTunes start playing.

Therefore I was wondering if the remote to iTunes can be disconnected or something?