Apple Sticker on your car?

What do you do with your Apple Stickers?

  • Yes, on my car

  • Close to my computer

  • In your home

  • Other, please explain

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Do you put one of those Apple stickers on your car when you get a new mac, so you can identify yourself to other mac users?

If not then where do you put yours.

Everytime I see a sticker on someone else's car a smile crosses my face. I feel like I'm apart of something greater than myself.

Bill Gates, watch out! We are going to take over the world!

All hail to the Emperor Steve Jobs!


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My elegant black leather carrying case for the iBook of course needed to be badged. I want people to know that they steal quality. :p


As soon as you walk in my front room there is no mistaking my neat wee iMac. But just to make sure they know what it is I have my sticker on the drawer of my desk.:cool:


My Apple sticker is on my car. I consider it a badge of honour and a kind of "shuck you Farley" to all those PC users eating my dust:D I'm still looking out for someone else with one on their car.....!



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i want to bring a Smart (Mercedes-Benz) to US as they don't have any. THAT will look a great car to be used behind the apple sticker.

or i could get more stickers (or buy more computers) and have apple-tan .. using the stickers as a top on beach. :)


I have two in the rear window of my truck.

Before I got the truck I had a Saturn Coupe with a rainbow banner on the rear bumper. When I got the truck, I didn't replace the banner but put the Apple stickers on instead. One of the guys (straight) at work said, "Oh, you got a different rainbow sticker for your truck"

He wasn't very Apple literate so I had to explain to him that it was Apple's logo not a gay rainbow apple. Anyway, they serve a dual purpose for me although I think a lot of people see the rainbow and think "gay" before they think Apple. At least that was my impression in Seattle.

" or i could get more stickers (or buy more computers) and have apple-tan .. using the stickers as a top on beach."

Hmmm that is a cool idea Gia, sort of like an Apple fig leaf! I like it! The forbidden fruit tan! Hey, what a great alternative for a tattoo.


I see one on a car around town once every week or so. I guess Nashville has a good sized mac community. I still haven't put one on my car. I've been saving it till I get a new one. I'm thinking of a VW beetle. I think it would be a great match for my Apple. :)

Sad isn't it? Some of us try to find a good car to match our computer.


I always have, and always will have an apple sticker on my car. And it is always great to see someone else with one.


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Reminds me, I also have a white Apple sticker on my scooter. Had to take the Peugeot lion away for that, but hey! It looks yummy now. ;-)

And just for the heck of Gia's dreams... The following is the ideal Smart for an Apple sticker:



I have the apple logo on my car, but not one of the stickers that comes with new Macs. A friend and I visited apple campus a few years back and in a shop across the street we bought a few sheets of vinal static cling. It's the old 7 color apple logo with "Apple Computer" below it. It's made it through 3 cars so far :D I plan to have it on for quite a while


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Macs still come with Apple stickers? I had one on my bicycle, an old rainbow logo one :)


I own a PC store, and i personally use a POWERBOOK g4 500
i have Apple stickers on my SKI DOO, MXZ 600, and on my 4 wheeler Honda 350 4X4..
i also have Apple & AMIGA stickers on my carry case, i hoped that someday a AMIGA portable would come to life, :(
I was a AMIGA user..

iSwitched too :p


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As a matter of fact, just this past weekend, I washed and "tattoo'd" my car with it's Apple Sticker and a few others.

My Xterra


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on my Volvo: white Apple logo
on my crappy Saturn: rainbow Apple logo
on various cases: white and rainbow Apple logos


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I wouldn't put a Windows sticker on my coche. I don't want any bad karma associated with (i.e. blue screens of death or crashes).