Apple TV--turning it off?


We just installed our Apple TV yesterday. I noticed that the cute little machine does not have a power button. Is it meant to be left on 24/7, or is there a way to turn it off, and if is, what?

And if not, let's say I want to move it to another outlet. Do I just unplug it while it's on? Isn't this supposed to be bad for Unix machines?



Just installed one last week and yes no power button supposed to be on all the time so to sync automatically to iTunes.

AFAIK unplugging it is the only way to turn it off wort case scenario it might reset it.

hope it helps

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You can put it to sleep by holding the play button on the remote for about 5 seconds. There's no way to shut it off properly such that the system completely shuts off.


Hey guys, thanks for the answers!

We just had mega power outages here in the Miami area today...Hope I don't have any fried electronics when I get home...but everything is hooked up to UPS / surge protectors so I hope it did its job...



There is also a "standby" / "sleep" option in the Settings menu.


You can tell the Apple TV to hibernate by holding down the "Play / Pause" button for 6 seconds. This seems silly because just about everything else I have has a quicker power-off feature.

Waiting 6 seconds to tell the Apple TV to hibernate seems excessive


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Mine doesn't take that long -- 3 seconds, max. This is on the newer, smaller, black AppleTV.

This is holding down the center button on the remote while the AppleTV is on the main menu -- I've found that if I'm elsewhere in the GUI (radio, Netflix, etc.), doing this doesn't work, or requires a longer button press.

Returning to the main menu, then holding down the center button until the unit turns off takes 2 to 3 seconds.


There's also an option under "Settings" Menu to select
"Standby" ATV1
"Sleep Now" ATV2

PS: ODDLY: my harmony remote is somehow able to issue this command directly thru a one button push. - go figure.

HTH xandra