AppleWorks 6.0.4 Spelling


Whenever I try to do a speling check using Apple Works 6.0.4 in Mac OS X, I get a message saying that the dictionary can not be found. Clicking OK brings up the dictionary selection window, with the proper dictionary sellected. When I click done either the program crashes, or I get a dialog box containing either nothing or gibberish. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?
Apple reliced Apple works 6.0.4 before OS X PB. I dont think they made it 100% compatible with OS X PB, so all you can do for now is wait untill apple puts out an update.
I would expect a major upgrade to Apple Works when the final version of OS X comes out. Apple is probably not going to release an update just to make it more compatible with the PB. I think we can expect to see a lot of new software upgrades/updates when the final comes out.

Just my thoughts on the subject :),