Application Services


i just downloaded WordServices and AntiWordServices from DEVON
technologies (I love their DEVONthink as a holds-it-all database with an incredibly fast and comprehensive search function) but their instructions are to:

"Copy AntiWordService into the directory »Services« located in the Library folder of your Home directory, then log out and log in again. If there is no such folder, create one using the Finder. "

i can find no such folder, am reluctant to create one and am curious where the many services i DO have (from NoteTaker, DEVONthink, Grab, TextgWrangler, et al, reside

the files they want me to install are antiwordservice.service and wordservice.service. spotlight does not identify any *.service files/applications on my powerbook g4 except these two renegades.

a google search for "services" and "application services" and a hunt through mac's various support sites did not yield anything about this aspect of os x. nor did an admittedly outdated edition of pogue's missing manual (2nd edition) (i plan to buy the most recent tiger version this week)

thanks for any help
Other services may be running from the individual apps packages that uses them. This makes some services difficult to find if you want to remove them. I think I have seen some utilities that can remove unneeded services, but I don't remember anything other than that function (like a name or source :) )

- anyway, follow the instructions - if you don't find a services folder, create one. This simply means that other services do not use that folder, and would only be created if needed. I have used wordservice since I first heard about it (maybe 4 years ago) with no problems. Works through the services menu with no problems