Applications Folder Missing / Deleted


What OS X system (version) are you running? = 10.4
--Have you run permissions yet? = Yes
--Have you used Disk Utility from the CD to Repair Disk? = No
--What devices are connected to your machine? = none (laptop)

Hi all,

Ive been trying to install Native Instruments Komplete 2 and Ive realised that my HD:Applications Folder has dissapeared!

There is a pile of stuff in my Trash but no Applications Folder yet I have a lot of new spare hard disc space so I know my apps have really gone (lots of question marks appear on the apps in the Dock).

Any constructive suggestions please? Many thanks
Search, Apple F, for an application (try Safari or iTunes). If you can find those, the folder was moved somewhere. Move it back. If not, you should consider backing everything else up and reinstalling.

What's this thing you are trying to install?
It's Native Instruments Komplete 2, which is a bundle of music applications which should just load to the Applications folder.

It seems very strange to me that the Applications Folder has gone (with the possible proof of the increased disc availability) yet there is a lot of stuff in the trash folder still from weeks ago, i.e. the apps folder hasn't been put there by mistake and then the trash has been emptied.

Totally bizzare. I cant even burn anything.

Well: Probably the installer has simply removed the Applications folder and replaced it with its own...? Or tried to?
Or, somehow, the Applications folder was deleted by accident, perhaps? Are you sure the Applications folder was present right before the install, and gone afterward?