Appropriate ADSL modem for Xserve?



I have an X Serve running OS X Server... with approx 30 computers connected.... I am wanting to get ADSL connected... what would be an appropriate modem to connect to one of the ethernet ports on my XServe? I've been suggested to get Dlink DSL-302G. But will this work ok? Doesn't this mean the XServe wouldn't get an external IP address on its ethernet port? Does that matter? Bit stuck here, so if anyone can give me a quick hand, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
I think you've got a lot more to think about than what kind of modem you need for your XServe, and, if entirely possible, I would recommend a good T-1 line over DSL any day.

Do you need a static IP address or would a dynamic IP suit your needs? Do you need good bandwidth, both up and downstream? What services, if any, would be run on the internet connection (web server, internet access, FTP, SSH, remote login, remote desktop, VNC, VPN, etc.)?

Most DSL providers around here provide the modem free of charge when you get the DSL service. If not, I would recommend a NetGear over D-Link.
really don't need any of that stuff..... just internet and email access. at the moment we're on wireless.... adsl is fine for our needs (dynamic address is fine too).

so would any adsl modem be suitable?
Cool, I think just about any aDSL modem should work... when you say "email," do you mean a few POP accounts on each local machine, or do you mean some sort of "groupware" email management with the ability to define new accounts and what-not?

I would look for a good aDSL modem that connects via ethernet, as you wanted -- skip the USB connected modems, as they'll cause you nothing but headaches.

This is a decent aDSL modem:
It has a built-in 4-port hub as well, for those machines that you need to be in the DMZ and it also has a built-in FireWall -- coupled with OS X's own FireWall, that's double protection.

I hope that helps!