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Hello all,

First post at this forum.

My issue is as follows i have several machines i need to make a preference change on. Can i do this using ARD 2 via a unix command or something?? I need to change it so the machine logs on the system 9 at startup....and i dont really want to spend 3 hours going to every machine....

Please help

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Any machine you're controlling, just open the Startup PreferencePane is OS X and set it to boot into an OS 9 System.


Yeah, im thinking thats my only option, but i will still have to go to each machine individually, ive seen before people sending a terminal command to change the dock or change a pref...just wondering if its possible in this application


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The startup volume selection is not stored in a preference file that you can edit -- rather, it's stored in the computer's non-volatile RAM.

Now, if we could figure out the command that the Startup Disk panel uses to set the startup disk, there might be a way to make this change across several computers -- but they would have to be identically configured (meaning, they'd all have to use a VERY similar, if not exactly the same, disk configuration. If one computer started from a slave drive and one from a master, this wouldn't work at all).

If you really do only have "several" machines (meaning less than 15 or so) it won't take 3 hours to do this procedure on each machine -- at the most, it would take one minute per machine. I do understand the want and need for automation for things like this, though!


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ARD has a command in the Manage Menu to Change Styartup Disk. If you only have a few machines, use that.


I figured it was stored in the PRAM when i did my imaging the setting never carried over and i wondered why...well by several i mean 35 and by it taking so long that is because i have locked down local accounts that need changing so in other words at each machine i have to do the following

1. Log out restricted user. Login admin user.

2. Go to the prefrences pane and change restricteds parental controls so it can see system prefs.

3. Log out admin. Log in restricted user

4. Go to prefrences pane and change the System 9 startup prefs

5. Log out restricted. Log in admin

6. Go to prefrences pane and change restricteds parental controls so it can NOT see system prefs.

7. Log out admin. Log in restricted

Its gonna take a long time....