Are There Any Full Screen Themes For Opera?


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I've been browsing the Opera add-on themes but can't find any that covers the FULL screen. I don't know how to explain it but they only show when you open a new tab...they don't show on the address bar, bookmarks bar, toolbar, etc. when you're browsing the web. I hope this makes sense! There are some full-screen themes for Chrome - I know this because I've used Chrome...but I'm not having much luck finding any for Opera.

Thanks in advance!
I think the better question would be "Does Opera support full screen themes?"
I don't use themes - on any browser, so I can't help you with an answer. It's just not a feature where I have felt an emotional attachment.
I WOULD say that a developer might be better to ask your question. Is there a user forum for Opera somewhere?
Or, have you asked your question at some other Mac forum that has more traffic than
Delta, I don't know if you remember me from years ago but I certainly remember you - always so helpful! And yes, I noticed there is not much traffic here anymore...what happened? Where did everyone go? :( This is the only Mac forum I am a member of.
I participate here. I have no idea what happened maybe a year or two ago. everything just slowed down.
I spend the most time at

As an example, right now on this forum, there are 2 members online, and 145 guests.
At MacRumors forums, right now there are 280 members, and 3,901 guests online. Quite active!
(But, I think we are friendlier here :D ) Just offering that as an alternate if you have never tried it, with NO guarantee that you will get a better result (or any answers at all. It's funny sometimes.)
I'm guessing you didn't actually try that add-on.
The name of the add-on looks promising, but sometimes promises may deceive the heart, eh?
The OP is looking for full-screen themes for Opera.
Your link is for an add-on that maximizes images, videos, and games in browser windows.
It does not make the object full screen, not even full-window, and certainly not a full screen theme (which means, in my limited experience, that the graphics would extend through the menu area of the browser window.)
And, doesn't even work for its advertised purpose. When I tested it, after relaunching Opera, everything else on a browser window disappears after clicking on the add-on icon, but the object doesn't even change size or position. The edges of an image do get partially cut off, but not much else happens.
Not quite an epic fail, but close :D

I tested it in the current Opera version 35, so it may be something that worked in an older version of Opera, but not updated yet.